Rebecka Berchtold

Allison, Will, The Queen and Valerie


Monday 09.07, 18:30





Rebecka Berchtold is a freelance dancer and choreographer recently graduated from the Dance

and Choreography program at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen.

Rebecka is currently interested in the girl room, DIY aesthetics, power posing, fairytales

(especially Alice in Wonderland), dancing with friends, gurlesque, emails, dances for resting,

kitsch, doubt, homemade videos, dance training, wigs and princess dresses.


Rebecka is currently performing her solo Allison, Will, the Queen and Valerie and the piece

LET’S NOT PRETEND TO BE ALONE HERE together with Riikka Lauriletho, Emilie

Gregersen, Johanne Østerwang and Naya Moll.

Apart from own projects Rebecka has been working with Liz Kinoshita, Marina Abramovic

institute, BADco, Rebecca Hilton, La Ribot and 2016 she had a two months internship with the

company Rosas in Brussels.


Performance with and by Rebecka Berchtold.

Thanks to Emilie Gregersen, Lydia Östberg Diakite,

Rasmus Ölme and Sara Gebran for artisticadvice and support.

Pictures Palle Schultz.
Supported by Nordic Culture Point


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