8.-13. July


Irina Lavrinovic / Asher Lev


11. og 12. Juli kl 15:00 og 22:00

SKMU Sørlandets kunstmuseum


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This piece invites everybody in the room to continue breathing together. It plays with the awareness of this gaseous sharing, provoking an attunement to the air that permeates the inner spaces of our bodies. Our work confronts an audience with the situation of depletion of air and asks for people to respond. Together we saturate the space with rhythms and intensities resonating from air molecules that are passing between lungs and other elastic containers.


Created and performed by Irina Lavrinovic and Asher Lev

Produced by DAS choreography at the Amsterdam University of The Arts; Co-Produced by Haekem and Bains Connective; with support from Mifal Hapais (the Israel State Lottery)

Foto: Nellie de Boer




Hvor: Sørlandets kunstmuseum

Når: Klokken 13.00 11. Og 12. Juli

For hvem: Åpen for alle

Gratis og drop-in


I forbindelse med forestillingen Out of  aiR inviterer Irina Lavrinovic and Asher Lev inn til en åpen praksis i forkant av forestillingen på Sørlandets kunstmuseum.


The breath is a physiological process that is always and already a lifelong score of contemplative and ecstatic potentials. A shared attunement to its performance can transform us into a community of ‘breathing artists’.

Everybody who breathes is invited into our open practice. We will be warming up our lungs and opening the air pathways, being/breathing with the physical world around us, dancing with the air in and out of our bodies. We will learn to hold, carry and transport air to different places and even dare to let it permeate other bodies than our own.


Who are we becoming while breathing together in the world?