8. - 13. juli

Program 2018

Eivind Seljeseth

Hus forbi


The world consists mostly of people I won't meet.

Apartments I don't visit, books I never read, mountains I don't climb and events I'm missing out on. Potential events are like backdrops for actual events. Experiences to be had and knowledge to know about, that I opt out because of time, space, interest, and ignorance. I miss out on almost everything.Read more

Karen Lynne Bjerknesli /

Aslak Aune Nygård

Jeg er en hermafroditt


Gender is complex, it’s a system of signs and secret codes. Both dancers and audience must acknowledge their bodies and how they incite a game filled with references of which they have little control. So what happens when we try to make ourselves more aware of these references?

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Agder Teater

White Girl


Agder Teater transformerer en bil til et teater og gjør bagasjerommet til White Girls talerstol. Vi sender henne på en frenetisk turné på viktige parkeringsplasser på Sørlandet. Christina Hagens diktsamling "White Girl" består av sinte reisebrev skrevet av skandinavere på ferie i den tredje verden.  Read more

Micaël Florentz /

Angela Rabaglio

The Gyre


All things come, one by one,

diverse and alike

woven and branched

and from this range of existence

nothing could be torn apart.

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Sea Change



Sea Change is the moniker of the Berlin based musician and bedroom producer Ellen A. W. Sunde, and her experimental electronic dream pop. At Ravnedans she will play new music from her upcoming album where she is exploring themes like freedom, isolation, loneliness and transformation.

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Martin Slaatto



The one who has been lying on a pier with a crab string already knows a lot about slowness, excitement, sensuality, tactics, dangers, temptations and brutality. What does it really mean to be a crab? read more


Ida Gud



Ravnbad with Gud has become a tradition, as it is now a part of Ravnedans for the third year in a row! This event is for both early birds that rise and shine, and for night owls who have a hard time getting up in the morning and might struggle being present in their own body. is accessible for everyone and strives to give all participants a collective sensory and kinesthetic experience that will stay with you long after you dry off.
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Martin Slaatto



TD is short for Transportation Dance – an anti-systematic system of different ways of moving, physical positions and states of mind. Grouped into 20 distinct elements, each action – or should one call it a strategy – contains enough material for a little dance, each having a card of its own. read more


Tone Kittelsen / DJ Ingebling



8.juli kl. 15:00



Dansekunstner Tone Kittelsen og dj Ingeborg Husbyn Aarsand inviterer barn og voksne i alle aldre til disko under årets Ravnedans. Det blir kul musikk som alle kan danse til, enten du går i bleie eller ikke. Diskoen er gratis og åpen for alle!

Rebecka Berchtold

Allison, Will, The Queen and Valerie


Rebecka Berchtold is a freelance dancer currently interested in DIY aesthetics, artificiality, faking, power posing, fairytales (especially Alice in Wonderland), the girl room, dancing with friends, gurlesque, emails, pop art, kitsch, doubt, homemade videos, horses, dance training, wigs

and princess dresses. Read more

Mari Angell-Petersen Grønnesby

Conta Kids


ContaKids er et tilbud for foreldre og små barn hvor vi fokuserer på bevegelse, fysisk kontakt og samspill mellom stor og liten. Stemningen i en ContaKids-klasse gir rom for lek og fysisk kontakt mellom foreldre og barn, i en avslappet atmosfære. Read more

Oona Doherty

Hope Hunt & The Ascension

into Lazarus


Hope Hunting lies between the lines of physical theatre, social proclamation and dance. A thumping black golf head lights on sits in waiting, Music thumping from its metal shield A man who is many men leeks in out of the metal beat, his story, A hunt for hope. Read more

Daniel Mariblanca



71BODIES 1DANCE is an interdisciplinary and choreographic initiative by Daniel Mariblanca in which photography, film installation and dance performance are in dialogue to create an intersectional format that pertains to the reality and complexity of the wide spectrum of transgender identities. Read more

Terje Tjøme Mossige

En til en, to, tre, fire eller tolv


The dance performance, One to one, two three, four or twelve is a improvised piece working around different ideas and observations in abstract scenes/moments. Wishing moving poetry. Each perfomance is unique and can be looked upon as a moving portrait. Read more


Critics in Conversation

v/Anette Therese Pettersen

08. juli, kl. 18:00



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Foredrag og diskusjon


11. juli, kl. 17:00

Kristiansand Kunsthall


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