8.-13. July


Harald A. Beharie (NO)

Louis Schou-Hansen (DK)


Onsdag 12. Juli kl 18:00 og 20:00

Vises sammen med Say Something (double bill)


Kjøp billett her


In the project (S)kjønn Safari Harald and Louis sets the body in focus as a social construction contrary a unit pre decided by biological qualities. The project is based on discussions dealing with use of gender roles and stereotypes within artistic institutional framework and the art field. How are we unconsciously affected by constructed gender stereotypes?


The work is based on a re-negotiation of the body and explores the potential in working with physique from a gender neutral base, and which consequences politics and society have for gender as a stereotype and/or norm. Is it possible to create a third gender which is neither male or female, but as Harald and Louis suggests – gender neutral?


The original version of (S)kjønn Safari premiered in Oslo 2015 and have since been performed at Seminar#6 in Sandnes, Gallery Entrée, Bergen and at Kaospiloterne in Aarhus, Denmark.





Harald b.1992, is eduacted at The Alvin Ailey School in New York and Oslo National Academy of the Arts , where he graduated in 2015.  After completing his education he has worked with Kristine Gjems, Heidi Jessen and Mia Habib. From 2016 to 2017 he was an apprentice in Carte Blanche, and worked with Marcelo Evelin, Hooman Sharifi, Mia Habib, Jon Tombre and Bouchra Ouizgen. He is also a part of the collective De Naive together with Julie Moviken and Charlott Utzig, while also having ongoing projects with Louis Schou Hansen.





Born in 1992 in Aarhus, Denmark. Louis studied dance at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and graduated in 2015. Since school he has been working with choreographers and company’s such as - Ingri Fiksdal, Eva Cecilie Richardsen, Edhem Jesenkovic, Danish Dance Theatre and Yaniv Cohen among others. He is also creating his own work in different constellations with among others Harald Beharie or Architect Mads Bjerregaard Jeppesen.

Foto: John Schlemayer