8.-13. July


Taneli Törmä



Tirsdag 11. Juli 10:00-11:30

Hovedscenen / Teateret




Tanelis interest in moving “dancing” is to do it with minimum power and still be a strong and modified performer. Try to find the way, how to be your self in the moment and give possibility to be watched. Using “easy moving” as base, to challenge your own body to be longer runner, super slow and fast and learn to listen your own body day after day.

Give or be ready to take impulse from outside to your own body with different kind movement tasks. The result should be a different kind movement qualityes, what you can realize and try to keep it as one of the normal ways to move your body.



Taneli started to dance when he was 3 year old, and he has done a lot different kind styles in his career. He has been studying many different methods from different styles, how you should perform or train your body. He see him self as contemporary mover “dancer”, who is interested to mix all dance styles to create his own style for the moment he like to dance, to be open artist who doesn’t need to be loyal for each style but use it an inspiration.


Taneli Törmä is a Finnish artist actif in contemporary dance, film and multidisciplinary, based in Odense, Denmark. He is freelancer, guest performer and performer - choreographer, artistic director for his own LOCATION X – collaboration projects. He was educated at the Finnish National Ballet School, Vocational qualification in dance in Helsinki/Finland 2002-2005 and Compagnia Roberto Zappala Modem Studio atelier in Catania/Italy 2007-2008.


Taneli has worked around Europe as full contract and as freelancer in different kinds of theatres/companies. For example in Svenska Teattern (FIN), Finnish National Opera and Ballet (FIN), Mancopy (DK), Oldenburg Staatstheater (DE), Kobalt Works (BE), Random Collision (NL), Zodiak-Centre for New Dance (FIN), Söltumatu Tantsu Ühendus (EST). During the season 2011-2012 he was house choreographer for Theater Momentum Odense Denmark. Taneli has made dance movies since 2010. He has filmed them in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Canada, Finland, Greenland, Norway and Estonia. His EPILOGUE and JUMP dance movies has received International dance film prizes in 2015 & 2016.