Agder Teater

White Girl


13 juli

 Ravnedalen 18.00


Torvet 20.00



Agder Teater transforms a car into a theatre and makes the luggage room to White Girl’s soapbox. We are sending her on a frantic tour around key parking lots in Sørlandet. The collection of poems, White Girl, written by Christina Hagen consists of angry travel letters written by Scandinavians on vacation in third world countries. The anger in the texts is White Girl’s reaction to her experience of being treated as a representative of the Western world – as an object of both desire and hate. With her body and white skin she becomes a symbol of an unequal world order where she herself is the winner. She suffers from the racism ruining her holiday, a holiday that she sees as her personal initiativ for a more open world where she is trying to «experience and understand» different cultures. Since White Girl never actually lets go of the privileges included when belonging to the worlds most privileged,she has problems defending all her explosive feelings. In the end, the only legitimate feeling left is shame.




This time Agder Teater consists of Sunniva Fliflet, Erlend Peder Kvam, Ole Johan Skjelbred and Magnus Sparsaas. The performance is a result of a five day lab supported by Scenekunst Sørs SKS-lab, Cultiva Ekspress and Lillesand Kommune.



Prosjektet er støttet av Scenekunst Sør, SkS-lab.


8. - 13. juli